Wedding planner

Who is the person behind it all?

I´m Emma, a Swede based in Oslo/Norway where I also live and love. This is my home base but I´m standing with one foot in Oslo and the other one in the county of Östergötland/Sweden where I´m born and raised.

Both places share a piece of my heart as different from each other as they are! And it truly feels fantastic to be able to share these two places with you. Together we´ll create an unforgettable experience in wichever place you´d like. Off course I´ll be there also if it´s another destination that you´ve dreamt of!

I´ve always had a thing for creating order and organizing things around me. But today I don´t do that by telling my friends exactly what to say and when during play or keeping my color pens in strict order. Instead I´ve developed these skills and paired them with my creative side. And I think, by beeing a wedding planner, I´ve found just the perfect way to let them play along!

The process that leads up to your big day should be fun and with my help I ensure both fun and ease. Things that sometimes can be hard to accomplish all by your self.  So let us begin! <3