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Your Wedding Planner
Wedding planner

And welcome to my wedding universe!


I'm a Swede based in Oslo/Norway where I've lived the past 4 years (due to love) and I really like this country and especially this city.

With this company I have created my dream job where I am able to meet new people, organize and set beautiful designs for something as important as weddings! My goal is always to create a wedding day that reflects you as a couple.

The process that leads up to your big day should be fun and with my help I ensure both fun and ease. Things that sometimes can be hard to accomplish all by your self.  So let us begin! <3


Hi, I'm Emma!

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I help you with the entire planning. From finding a suitable location, photographer, catering, florist and other vendors to execution of the wedding day.

I set a detailed design and make sure to find the perfect details to bring it to life.

Timelines is set for everyone involved and I make sure the Toastmaster feels secure about the task of leading the dinner.

I am also in place the entire day to coordinate and make sure the event runs smoothly together with my team of assistants.


For weddings taking place in 2023: 85 000,-
For weddings taking place in 2024: 90 000,-



You have booked all the vendors and set the design.
Now, all you want is to be able to fully enjoy the day without having to deal with the coordination and all the "behind the scene" happenings!

Then I can step in, set the timelines, contact all the vendors and make sure the details are in place for the event. I'm also there to coordinate the wedding day.

Price starts at 30 000,- nok



You have a vision about how you'd like your wedding to look but find it hard to transfer it into reality.

I can help you with putting together a detailed design that brings everything to life and I suggest suppliers that suits the specific theme.


I can also be there to make sure that the decorations are put in place.

Price depends on the size of the task


You have a specific thing in your planning that you would like to discuss or maybe you just want a professional sounding board?

We book a consultation and make sure you get out of it with new energy and new ideas to continue the planning!

One consultation is 1,5 hour.

Price 1599- nok

Please note that I am always flexible with what I offer for services.


So the best way to find out what I can help you with is to get in touch for a free first meeting!

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